Borne Of Chaos

The below review is written By Becca Moody:


Borne of Chaos is a bold, dramatic depiction of the genuine terror of mental health issues and the subsequent clarity that develops when these problems—temporarily or permanently—go away. 

Eric Lampaert approaches the topic with admirable frankness. He candidly lays out the significant events from his childhood and adolescence that he believes contributed to his own mental health issues, and in doing so he opens himself up for dissection.

Aspects of the show are highly disturbing, with Lampaert able to contort his body and voice in the most sinister of ways. The comic’s horrifying physical manifestation of depression itself is something that will remain in the subconscious for a while. 

But he flits between sinister theatrics and knob-gags frequently, and while the transition sometimes feels slightly strained, the smut feels like safe territory and we’re happy to get back to it.

Although indulgent at times (with some of his dance routines, it isn’t clear if he’s taking the piss or not), Borne of Chaos has huge theatrical value.

The show isn’t designed to be a smooth ride. It’s an artistic depiction of depression, anxiety and psychosis, and we shouldn’t find that comfortable. Ultimately, Borne of Chaos is about growth, developing understanding and forgiveness. It’s about owning your past experiences, trauma and mistakes, and seeing how you have grown from them.


The following is written by me, Eric Lampaert.

The review was published on August 11th 2019, a couple of months before the US release of Todd Phillips’ Joker on October 4th, which happened to be my birthday. 

The show was about my life as a comedian and going to a psychiatric hospital, which happens to mirror the movie Joker. I tackle the trials and tribulations of my mental health, and even dance a kind of metamorphosis ballet, which also happens in the film.

This could of course be coincidence, however, one of the reasons I ended up in the cuckoo’s nest was for the sheer amount of accidental happenings that snowballed and avalanched all around me.

This similarity between my story and the movie is difficult to ignore. It not only suggests stories we experience are not only repeated and recycled through characters constantly reincarnated, but that cosmic timing of events have a way of appearing, through a process difficult to understand. 

Could it be a God writing a script providing some spiritual answer to reality? Or a Universal consciousness which can scientifically be suggested, as all matter in and out of us are made of atoms, and therefore our minds are potentially linked to some sort of source warping us into storylines? Perhaps I am dreaming and my life is the result of this… It could indeed all be coincidental and explicable through the infinite monkey theorem. Whatever it is, the past two years have been a challenge as my entire reality flipped upside down.

I know not what this means for a future Eric. I simply write this now for I want this connection to be recorded. It’s humorous after all…

We’ll see. 


Ha ha.