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Torticollic Ellen Page’s Valentine’s Gay Flooding

Egocentric Eric escapes America after wooing Tarantino with his manly feet while sensei Jack’s lungs interrupt the boys while they work out how whether homosexuality affects weather. Spoiler Alert: Breaking Bad

Right In The Bishop Of Bling’s Zero

Right In The Bishop Of Bling’s Zero by Coffee Ramblings

Club Grand Theft Auto 27

The boys are 27 years old. Is it time for them to commit suicide? How will they do it? By playing GTA V non-stop. No guest, but a great Euro-trash song instead

Snoop Diana, Donkey Data & The Chihuahua Universe

Back from a weekend of intoxicated music festival, Eric is cheered up by his neuro-friend Jack and special guest Richard Glover (Google him: He’s a proper actor) As always, you will learn nothing of this nonsensical bollocks

Salmon Dictators & Immortal Jellyfish

Eric & Jack now live together so get ready for regular podcasts. And we’ll try to get guests every episode too. This week we have comedian Ben Van Der Velde (Apologies about sound quality during guest recording. Something went on the fritz)

Is Space The Final Frontier? Or Is It Norfolk

This week the boyzlads try to discuss space but end